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Medi-Kure has been manufacturing braces for over 10 years in China in our own factory. Medi-Kure is not a trading company. We manufacture these products ourselves with some processes being out-sourced to provide maximum cost savings while maintaining quality control. Located in Dongguan city just North of Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Our goal is to provide customers with High quality at a reasonable cost.
While our Brand name is Medi-Kure, you are welcome to use your own brand name on our products. Simply give
us your Logo and we will print it on the product for you.

Construction of Hot/Cold Pneumatic Compression Braces
The Hot/Cold braces are constructed of 3 main parts; The outer layer is made with foam cover with a soft subtle fabric, the inner chamber contains an air bladder to facilitate compression. And finally the Hot/Cold Gel pack that can be put in the freezer for cold therapy or in the microwave for heat therapy.

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